Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why Herbalife is successful?

Huge demand for Herbalife products with customers wanting to lose weight, gain weight, have more energy and perform better at sports. The products work- over a million testimonials on file. A “consumable” product as customers orders monthly programmes.
Herbalife is the worlds leading weight management company, proven over 29 years in 71 countries. Sales have just reached $3.8 billion. Not just another marketing company entering the market with “me-too products”!
And Now Beckham Is Here!
Herbalife, Official Nutrition Company of the L.A. Galaxy, welcomes the world’s most famous soccer sensation to Los Angeles. It’s a magical moment in history that fans and media across the globe can’t stop talking about.
Proven Success Around the world, thousands of people just like you have changed their lives with the Herbalife business opportunity—and you can, too! From setting your own hours to achieving financial independence, the lifestyle of your dreams is finally within reach. Herbalife’s record of success spans over 29 years.
Herbalife is creating a better future for people around the world and have only scratched the surface of their potential.
When you become a Herbalife distributor, you’re joining a winning team that has been changing the world for a long time and will continue doing so for an even longer time to come. Herbalife is here to stay!
Here are just a few reasons why you should make Herbalife your opportunity for success:
Top Management TeamThe top team managing the Herbalife business is second to none. The CEO was headhunted from his previous position as President of Disney International. This is a reflection of the growth in the Wellness market and Herbalifes pre-eminent position within it.
Dr Lou Ignarro, Nobel prize winner in medicine.
Herbalife developed Niteworks® with Dr. Louis Ignarro, 1998 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
The technical team developing our leading natural products includes top people such as Dr Lou Ignarro, a Nobel prize winner in medicine.Herbalife makes the finest products in the world.
Pure and simple. Millions of satisfied customers have been experiencing safe, healthy and nutritionally oriented weight loss thanks to Herbalife’s uniquely effective products and programs. The products work and they work well. Our herbal-based supplements are formulated from only the very best botanicals and other natural ingredients. Herbalife is the best because it helps people feel and look their best.
Internet Marketing Is this of interest? We will teach you how to promote via the Internet. Note, you can trade in 71 countries as you have access to warehouses in 71 counties. Orders are sent to customers from the local warehouse.
Herbalife offers the best marketing plan. This business opportunity is the most rewarding and comprehensive in the industry. If you’re truly committed to working the business, the business will work for you. Whether you want to work part time or full time, earn some extra cash or work full-time from home, Herbalife makes it all possible. Contact for us for the details.
Herbalife has a proven track record. Herbalife has been changing lives for the better for over 29 years. If Herbalife didn’t possess that kind of credibility and integrity, it wouldn’t have a two-decade track record of success. People come to Herbalife because they know the company will always be there for them.
Our team is committed to success – their own and yours. Herbalife distributors are passionately committed to the products that changed their own lives and are dedicated to spreading the word. And as a Herbalife distributor achieves financial success, he or she always wants to help others succeed as well. Your support system is the entire family of Herbalife distributors.
Take charge of your life as a Herbalife distributor you run your own home business helping people improve their life. The first steps are always the most difficult and we will help and guide you through them step by step.
Take the first step to the life you deserve! Whether you’re planning the future of your dreams or just need cash for today, start on the path to life changing success as a Herbalife Distributor. Regardless of experience or education, you’ll receive personalised support every step of the way as you build your business.

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