Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Ramadhan with Herbalife!!!

Ramadhan is here again...Alhamdulillah..
Am really looking forward to start Ramadhan with a simple and healthy diet with HERBALIFE..  Grab the opportunity to lose more KG during this month!!  Insyaallah...

Ramai yang dah tanya...puasa dah nak start..macamana nak continue consuming Herbalife?
"Kenyang ke dengan hanya ambil Shake for sahur?"
My simple answer is... YES...cukup kenyang..kalau tak percaya..kene try sendiri..baru tau!! but as far for the last past 2 Ramadhans me with herbalife..i've never felt better!! secara logiknya to me it actually makes sense because when u over feed yourselves or have heavy food consumption during sahur, your tummy tend to work harder during the day in order to digest what you have eaten kite senang/cepat terasa lapar.. BUT if you consume a lighter food intake.. your tummy works lesser and..tadaaaa...kurang la rasa laparnya... BETOL tak??

ok lah..enuf for today's celoteh.. i hope this short entry will help answer the MAIN and BIG Q for PUASA with HERBALIFE.. i have prepared a simple SCHEDULE on how to consume your SHAKES during the whole fasting month.. email me, contact me if u need guidance .. :)

Till then, selamat berpuasa and jom jom jom..start your day with HERBALIFE SHAKES!!!

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