Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I look at myself, kerja berhempas pulas, mencari rezeki utk anak2..but i have NO time to SPEND with them..it's sad... am not there to see them grow in front of my eyes..i can only hear their stories from my auntie.
"Haziq dah pandai cakap... he did / said this today...."
"Zairiel dah mula belajar nak merangkak...macam2 gaya dia buat...position kucing pon ade..katak pon ader..."
and all this progress i can only get it second hand.. as a mother..sedih kan? how i wish i can watch them grow..have them with me all the time, every second..and yet still make a living..

Alhamdulillah, i have found a tool..all i need now is to get it started again...
Am sure ramai hotmama out there feel the same as i do..so..what are u waiting for..come and join me..kite work our best. BE A BOSS!! CONTROL and MANAGE your own TIME!!
WORK at home yet..make a GOOD LIVING out of it!!

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